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Pruning and shaping your trees and hedges can keep them healthier and safer, and extend their lifetime. From the smaller jobs of pruning and trimming hedges and small trees to the larger jobs of using a rope and harness to cut down branches, Bowskill Tree Services (The Tree Wise Men KT15) are fully qualified and experienced to carry out all types of tree work.

Tree and hedge pruning in Surrey

We're not just about cutting down trees!

•   Tree and hedge planting

•   Expert advice for different tree species and soil conditions

•   We supply and plant trees of all sizes

•   Tree and hedge pruning

•   Crown reduction

•   Deadwood and branch removal


If pruning your hedge or removing dangerous branches isn't enough, we do offer the complete service for tree felling and hedge removal. Call us to discuss your tree and get advice from experienced and knowledgeable tree surgeons.

Trim your hedges or reduce your tree today.

Phil: 07828 155 024

Matt: 07841 379 917

Office: 01932 851 856

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